Bring Your Music Teacher Home with You

Not literally! Bring the teachings of Ms. Fitzgerald and Mr. Messina home with you on their latest album.


West Elementary School music teacher Monica Fitzgerald is taking her teaching beyond the classroom and right into your homes.

Ms. Fitzgerald and South Elementary School’s music teacher Michael Messina have released their very own educational album Mike and Monica's Music Room - an educational album with musical lessons set to contemporary music.

“The idea came about a year ago,” said Ms. Fitzgerald, “we’d always let kids bring what they like to listen to, so we decided to write songs that teach music in those styles that they enjoy the most.”

Youths ages five and up can learn about musical terms, styles, harmony, rhythm, expression and how to overcome stage fright.

“As music teachers, we see all the products out there and essentially there was nothing really of substance out there for this age group,” said Ms. Fitzgerald. “There’s a lot of music out there for the older crowd and things like Yo Gabba Gabba for the very young crowd, but nothing for the five to 12 age bracket.”
Both Mecina and Fitzgerald have been teaching music to children in New Canaan for over a decade and they wrote, recorded and produced the album themselves.

“We incorporate a lot of humor and current trends to keep the children and engaged and we can really let our own personalities shine through in this,” said Fitzgerald.

The album, which was officially released on June 29, can be found on iTunes.


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