Sidewalks Are A New Canaan Treasure

Benches will enhance the town's much-used walkways.

I set out very early on Saturday morning to see just who was using  New Canaan's  sidewalks, keeping in mind the to be placed along various walkways.  Do we really need all these benches?

I love sidewalks, probably because I am one of many who live in parts of New Canaan without them.  We have learned how to cautiously walk  our dogs or defensively jog while sharing the tight roads with trucks and lead-footed drivers.  A sidewalk is a luxury. I occasionally  drive into town and park to take advantage of walking the loop from , up South Avenue, through and back.

What I found that morning were early risers taking advantage of quiet streets, cool temperatures, the shade and dappled light. As the morning wore on more people trickled out; errand-doers, stroller pushers, dog walkers, elderly folks, friends, and Farmers Market devotees.  The sidewalks quickly filled and I could see that not only are these walkways an attractive asset to our town they are invaluable for allowing us to move about safely while leaving our car parked in the driveway. The more we can encourage people to walk the better quality of life for all of us.

I am a believer in the benches, all 22 of them! They  will certainly enhance the charm and pleasure of walking along our beautiful tree-lined streets and serve as a welcome respite for the weary. Or maybe they will just be a nice place to sit, visit and take in the scenery.  

Walking in New Canaan is a unique treasure.  Take advantage of it!

(Editor's Note: The benches are being funded by private donations. For information about .)

Beth Dwyer June 24, 2011 at 10:47 AM
I couldn't agree more! I love walking in town and think the benches will add to New Canaan's charm! I hope one day that the town's core will be accessible to downtown, as well as our parks and schools.


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