This Place Is A Dump

But you might know it as New Canaan's Transfer Station.

Call it what you want, the New Canaan Transfer Station is the go-to place for New Canaan of trash, newspapers, books, computer parts, appliances, batteries, propane and brush.

The general consensus among the folks Patch met on its visit to the Transfer Station is that this a well-oiled machine. It's organized, the people who work there are helpful and friendly, and the price is fair. The annual sticker fee for residents is $40.

People we met came on their way to or from the gym, or before they were "dressed" for the day, so most didn't want their picture taken. One senior citizen said she and five other women make weekly dump runs and call themselves The Dumpsters!

Manager Don Smith has been working at the facility for 28 years, and said the name does cause confusion for some. He said he still gets calls from people asking when the next train is coming in to the Transfer Station.

Greenhill October 11, 2011 at 04:25 PM
The guys who work at the Transfer Station do a great job. They open early and close late and I am sure rarely get much ackowledgement so thanks for the hard work.
John Murphy October 11, 2011 at 04:42 PM
New Canaan's transfer station still has a way to go. Although, they might be generating more funds from City Carting, more can be done. Do a google search for the transfer station/dump in Wellesley, Ma. The Wellesley facility has a book deposit, a trash/treasure (dump picking if you will) area and other 'amenities'. Town events even take place at their dump. You can even find out how much Wellesley generates back into their general fund. I have spoken with the folks at our station and they bring up their lack of space as one hinderance. While there have been recycling improvements we can still reach for a higher bar.


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