View Finder: Greenfield Commons Farmers Market

Fresh local produce, pies, flowers and herbs

Tucked in the Greenfield Commons plaza at 75 Hillside Avenue, you’ll find a few farm folk set down at tables with the fruit of their labor displayed on tables before them. In several cases, the fruit is truly that – blueberries, peaches, pears, apples. In other cases, the fruit is fresh-baked pies, colorful perennials, flavorful herbs, ripe vegetables or free-range eggs.

Every Saturday, June through the last week in October, from 12:30 to 4 p.m., this crew -- from as close as Fairfield’s Lakeside Drive to as far as Oxford, CT – dutifully reports to the green to serve local needs and keep the tradition of local farming alive.

To be sure, there’s nothing like the snap and crunch of a French fillet bean, the whimsy of stubby homegrown carrots, the succulence of a local grown peach or the delight of a slice of fresh-baked semolina loaf topped with olive oil and rich green basil pesto.

Catch it while you can, for in a month’s time, the chill of the approaching winter months will curl around us, sending us New Englanders scurrying for other satisfying fare: hot cider, mulled wine, a mug of cocoa and cinnamon sticks.


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