New Canaan's Saxe Announces Schedule Adjustment Contacts

Saxe Middle School announced Monday the posting to the PowerSchool portal the preliminary schedule for students for the 2013-2014 school year. 

Adjustments to children's preliminary schedules may be necessary, and Seventh Grade Assistant Principal Linda Spenard announced a contact tree for parents seeking to remedy such issues. Spenard said in a letter sent out Monday that the schedule children have received should indicate a team students have been assigned. The school counselor children will be assisted by throughout the year will also be listed. 

"If you would like to contact Saxe regarding any concerns about your child’s schedule, please send an email to your child’s School Counselor," Spenard said in her email. "All requests for changes will be processed as soon as possible but may require a student on the first day to report to the division office for a new schedule."

The contacts are as follows:

For Grade 5: 

Thompson/White, Patrona/Figueroa Holdorf/Paradise
Moore/Clay, Payne/Barnum
Redden/Burns, Dobransky/Lanna, Hubbard/Ordway

For Grade 6:

Red: Elizabeth.Margewicz@ncps-k12.org 
Blue: Deb.Owen@ncps-k12.org 
Green: Christine.Risoli@ncps-k12.org 

For Grade 7:

Green: Tammy.Nettleton@ncps-k12.org 
Blue: Sarah.Beltran@ncps-k12.org 
Red: Brad.Lepisto@ncps-k12.org 

For Grade 8:

Red: Brad.Lepisto@ncps-k12.org 
Purple: Sarah.Beltran@ncps-k12.org 
Blue: Tammy.Nettleton@ncps-k12.org 
Green A-L: Sarah.Beltran@ncps-k12.org 
Green M-Z: Tammy.Nettleton@ncps-k12.org 

Those with questions about the portal are asked to contact Lisa Jarosik, Lisa.Jarosik@ncps-k12.org, in the Main Office. 


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