7 of the Best Flowers to Give on Valentine's Day that Aren't Roses

Appropriate Valentines Day flowers other than roses. How to incorporate these flowers into a beautiful Valentines Bouquet!

Often when someone thinks of Valentines Day flowers, their thoughts are immediately of a bouquet of a dozen red roses. Although it is true that red roses are the ultimate symbol of love, it is generally believed that red roses should be reserved as a gift between two people who are passionately in love.


That is not to say that you can’t send or give someone red roses if you want to, but you may want to consider the great variety of other flowers that also have the ability to portray romance. By incorporating different colors and textures, your local florist can make a bouquet for your special someone that is unique and stands out from the rest. Here is a list of other flowers you can use that will help you express your feelings this Valentine’s day.


Although there are many types of orchids in the world, they are often rare and difficult to find. When given as a gift, this flower often brings feelings of love, wisdom, beauty, seduction and refinement. To give someone an orchid, or to include orchids in a bouquet, you are telling them that you admire their rare and delicate beauty as well as their quiet and understated strength. A blooming Orchid plant in a nice ceramic container is a wonderful gift.


Red tulips often stand for a declaration of love, whereas pink and yellow tulips represent the feelings of caring and being hopelessly in love, respectively. Tulips make a great addition to any bouquet or can quite easily stand alone in a bouquet made up of a variety of colours. These flowers are also special in that they last longer in a vase with water than most other flowers, helping to signify your strong and lasting feelings for someone else.

Gerbera Daisy

The fifth most popular flower in the world, gerbera daisies can mean innocence, purity and cheerfulness. These large daisy variations come in a number of vibrant colors. Bright Pink, snow white, sunny yellow and Ruby Red are just a few of the gorgeous clors that these happy flowers boast. A bouquet of Red, white and Pink gerbera daisies make a great Valentines Day flower delivery and will certainly bring a smile to that special someone's face



Perfect for including in a bouquet, irises are a distinct and unique looking flower. They often signify faith and hope as well as inspiration, and make a great gift in a relationship that is only in its blossoming stages.


There are many color varieties of carnations and each represent light-hearted and playful emotions. They can also portray someone’s fascination in another, making them a great gift for the first stages of a relationship. Pink carnations in particular have long been associated with a woman’s love, and so would make a great gift from a woman to a man.


When giving lilies as a gift, make sure you use them more as a complement to other flowers in a bouquet rather then on their own. Although they are beautiful flowers that represent celebration, enthusiasm, ambition and beauty. As an addition to a bouquet, these flowers give a feeling of fun and fresh love and add a lot of color and texture to any Valentine’s Day bouquet.



Hydrangeas are beautiful cut flowers that come in a variety of stunning colors including White, pink, soft blue and vibrant red.  These hearty plants offer color and life to any Valentines Bouquet.With their lacy pompom tops hydrangeas epitomize lush beauty. Hydrangeas add enduring grace to any flower arrangement.



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Cadeyrn February 07, 2013 at 01:20 PM


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