CL&P: Complete Restoration For State By Tuesday

Utility company says that all 900,000 of its customers will have power restored by Tuesday.

CL&P, which saw Hurricane Irene cause the most power outages in the history of the company, says that all 900,000 of its customers in Connecticut will be back online with power by Tuesday.

"We are proud of the efforts that our crews have made restoring power to over 900,000 customers in a period of eight days," said Jeff Butler, president and chief operating officer, CL&P. "However, we understand that especially in today's world, being without power is frustrating, and our local officials and customers not having timely access to the information increases that frustration.  By midnight tonight, we expect to have about 200 customers without power and will complete restoration by Tuesday."  

As of 3:30pm on Monday, there were still 76 CL&P customers in New Canaan without power.

Across Connecticut, crews continue working around the clock to complete repairs to CL&P's electrical system and clean up tree-related issues to restore service to the approximately 2,300 customers still without power.  There are still hundreds of crews patrolling the system to correct issues that could lead to the loss of electrical service.


LindaG September 05, 2011 at 10:29 PM
Complete restoration by Tuesday? What a joke. So much for the "maintenance" fees that customers pay on a regular basis. Maybe if CL&P spent more time maintaining - on a regular basis - we wouldn't have so many residents barely sustaining.
Gregory A Smith September 05, 2011 at 11:46 PM
What a joke CL and no Power is! If it wasn't for Asplundh we would all still be in the dark! Jeff Butler and all his cronies should be fired on Tuesday! Happy Labor Day Jeff!


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