College Students Begin a Booming Business

Jacqueline Farrall and her friend, Jessica Pollack, bring Ridgefield girls a new summer trend.

With summer in full swing and warm weather accessories bound to be seen on the arms, necks, and hands of girls and women everywhere, the fashion-forward are looking for something new and unique to spice up their summer look.

Ridgefield's 19-year-old Jackie Farrall thinks she has the perfect solution.

Farrall runs her business, Light as a Feather, on Main Street during the summer months. Light as a Feather caters to girls and women who want to sport hair accessories that are created with thread, beads and feathers.  The pieces wrap around a strand of hair, creating a colorful and playful look.

“I got my feather extension done at school and I watched the girl doing my hair do it, so that’s how I learned,” Farrall stated.

Farrall who just completed her first semester of college at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio noticed how popular the new fashion trend was on campus. She also spotted the hair accessories in the locks of big-name celebrities in magazines.  

“Girls at my university were willing to pay close to $40 for feathers to be put into their hair,” she said. “Salons were charging thirty to sixty dollars for the feather extensions,” Farrall explained.

She quickly noticed the profitability of the trend and decided to test out her inner entrepreneur. She contacted young women attending Ridgefield High School to see if the trend had made its way to her hometown.

“I realized that the Ridgefield girls had no idea what I was talking about and it made me want to start this new, fun accessory for the Ridgefielders,” Farrall stated.

With her target audience being Middle and High School girls, Farrall purchased vibrant feathers that the girls could choose from. Her friend, Jessica Pollack, also 19, is a student at the Fashion Institute in New York. Pollack helps customers choose their hair accessories.

“We are expanding in Westport in two weeks,” Pollack stated.

“Our goal for this business is to bring this new fun idea to Ridgefield and have all the tween girls walk around with their feathers in their head,” Farrall said.

The young women tried to promote their business on Facebook, but found that they were not able to get the word out to the middle school students. Butterflies and Zebras, a retailer on Main Street agreed to let the girls set up shop in front of their store, where Middle School aged girls and their parents often shop for clothing.

“This was just supposed to be a fun summer project to keep us college girls busy, and it turned into a business that is booming in our town,” Farrall said.

Farrall and her friends “feather” hair at birthday parties and bat mitzvahs. She encourages anyone interested in trying out the new summer trend to stop by her booth on Friday or Saturday afternoons.

Linda Haines June 09, 2011 at 09:05 PM
Where is the booth located?
Casey McKenna June 10, 2011 at 02:52 AM
Linda, This booth is located in front of Butterflies and Zebras on Main Street. It is just a few feet away from Chez Lenard, the hotdog stand.


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