Five Things to Know About New Canaan: June 9

Let's Dress Up and raise awareness for CMV plus more.

  1. Come enjoy the cuisine of 5 renowned chefs in the culinary event - - to benefit the on June 11 from 12 to 3 p.m. Guests can explore the buildings, grounds and art collections of the Glass House all while their palates explore the amazing dishes inspired by the property and created by the chefs and artisans of Harvest to Heat: Cooking with America’s Best Chefs, Farmers, and Artisans.
  2. Let's Dress Up is hosting a fundraiser trunk show today from 4-9. They will be "raising awareness and funds for Stop CMV along with 6 amazing local vendors and some great donations." Casey Famigletti is dedicated to raising awareness for CMV - the most common and preventable cause of birth defects - read her daughter Gracie's story here.
  3. Go back to simpler times, before Nintendo DS and the iPhone. is hosting a summer camp for kids age 6 -12 where they will learn cooking, baking, crafts and toy making, playing colonial and Native American games, weaving, carpentry and farming and much, much more!
  4. Congratulations to Curt Casali - 2007 New Canaan High School graduate and New Canaan native - on by the Major League baseball team the Detroit Tigers.
  5. Here comes the heat and with it comes a tip from the Department of Consumer Protection on how to Keep Cooler and Save on Air Conditioning Costs this Summer: Install, and operate your air conditioner wisely. "Installing an air conditioner in a shady spot could increase its efficiency up to 10 percent. Don't set the air conditioner to a max cool setting immediately when you turn it on. It won't cool the room any faster, but it will use more energy. On humid days, set the fan speed on low to remove more moisture from the air


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