Home Sales: Fox Hill, McCrea, Phillips Lanes & More

Property transfers recently filed in the Darien Town Clerk's Office.

Locations for these properties, listed as sold in the , can be seen on the attached map:

18 Fox Hill Ln.—TruliaZillow—Brian Y. Ike and Yuko Ike to Floris G. Vandijkum and Allisson Vandijkum, sold Aug. 14, filed Aug. 17, $2,055,000—pictured

24 Phillips Ln.—TruliaZillow—Jason McNaughton and Marian McNaughton to Thomas J. Moore and Angela Hartmann-Moore, sold Aug. 14, filed Aug. 23, $949,000

10 McCrea Ln.—TruliaZillow—John L. DeVita and Stephanie A. DeVita to Andrew C. Vanorden and Anna Vanorden, sold Aug. 20, filed Aug. 23, $1,795,000

7 Abbey Rd.—TruliaZillow—James M. Law and Allison W. Law to Christopher C. Hall and Alexandra M. Hall, sold Aug. 16, filed Aug. 24, $1,015,000

180 Old Kings Hwy. N.—TruliaZillow—Alexander Jackson and Andrea Jackson to Jores Carabelaian and Cristina Giarratano, sold Aug. 3, filed Aug. 24, $1,095,000

7 Hunt Rd.—TruliaZillow—William H. Darrow and Mary Jane Darrow to Kelsey R. Doherty and James J. Turcotte, sold Aug. 23, filed Aug. 27, $1,700,000

19 Prospect Ave.—TruliaZillow—Hiram W. Emery III and Caroline Emery to Anthony B. Shontz and Ashley W. Shontz, sold Aug. 23, filed Aug. 27, $1,300,000



Darien real estate:

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Property transfers columns in other Patch communities:

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