In the Kitchen: On a Roll With Sushi 25

Sushi chefs consider their work to be edible art, especially when rolls look this good.

Sushi 25, located at 25 Elm Street, is much more than a sushi joint. Their cuisine encompasses much of Asia, boasting authentic recipes from Szechuan to Southeast Asia.

Yet to their fan base of primarily high school students, Sushi 25 is known for one thing: their hand-rolled sushi.

"The teenagers really love it here," Assistant Manager Nina Manville said. "Our sushi is especially loved in this town... The kids always spread the word to the adults, so we're doing very well."

Even though Sushi 25 is a cozy restaurant—able to serve around 60 people at a time—on a busy night they're rolling raw fish for up to 150 people, according to Manville. And that's not including their take-out customers.

"Since we have a small place, a lot of people call their orders in to take home," Manville said. "In the past year, our Spicy Titanic Roll has been very popular."

Filled with spicy tuna and tempura flakes, the Spicy Titanic Roll is capped with fresh avocado, raw salmon and fish eggs. For a food that is as much about aesthetics as taste, the creative rolls at Sushi 25 capture both.

Perhaps the only roll more attractive than the Spicy Titanic is the Bamboo Roll, filled with chicken tempura and topped with avocado and eel sauce. 

And since the average person doesn't know how to roll their own sushi, we took the liberty of getting a tutorial from Sushi 25's star roller, Chef Tony. 

Sit back, enjoy and don't forget the wasabi. 


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