New Canaan Olive Oil Officially Opens Downtown

Heidi Burrows at the register of the newly-opened New Canaan Olive Oil
Heidi Burrows at the register of the newly-opened New Canaan Olive Oil
There's officially a store for New Canaan residents to get just about any flavor olive oil they can think of... and it's all available just downtown. New Canaan Olive Oil, located at 98 Elm Street, opened its doors for the first time to the community on Thursday, September 19. 

"We're on schedule, which was great," said owner Heidi Burrows, 29, who opened the location with her husband, Travis, 34, a Stamford city employee. The couple opened the store with their business partner and investor Dan Clauson. 

"It was just about a month of renovations," Burrows said Tuesday while operating the store on her own.  "My husband and I and [Clauson] did most of this by hand. 90-percent of this store was hand-crafted."

Burrows said Friday, Saturday and Sunday all saw good traffic through the store as those curious about the location visited the store, and the free samples available all around kept people happy. 

Everything available for purchase in the store is available for sampling first so people know exactly what they're getting. Those interested can sip the olive oil straight, with flavors like strawberry or jalapeño, or they can try it on some of the free bread available. 

A Grand Opening party will be held Saturday, October 5, 2013, with food, drinks samples and door prizes available all day. However, those in need of some delicious olive oil are encouraged to stop in prior to the event. 


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