New Canaan Sidewalk Sales: Get 'Em While They're Hot!

The Sidewalk Sale is officially Saturday, but early shoppers will be rewarded with cool deals.

"This year is going to be bigger and better than ever," promises Liz King of .

Like many merchants in town, King did not wait for Saturday to offer customers sale prices.

Throughout town the signs are literally there — the Chamber of Commerce's annual is this Saturday, July 23, but the sales are already well underway.

King explains that not only did they begin markdowns on Monday but, as the empty boxes piled outside the shop attest, they have been bringing in new merchandise everyday, to "give our customers a head start."

Calling it a great day for the town, she said she and all the Linen Shop employees look forward to this annual town event. "It's a great team day," she said.

Are they making any adjustments given the? 

While still planning to offer their wares outside, she did say they'll be putting up eight umbrellas instead of their usual four. 

In addition, the store staff will be wearing, "white and 70 spf," she said.

Further up Elm Street at , store staff says the heat won't stop their 20-year tradition of covering the sidewalk and street in front of the store with racks filled with bargains, beginning at eight in the morning.

Here, too, on Thursday, the sale was in full swing in the air conditioned comfort of the store.

Given the nature of their merchandise, and in consideration of the predicted heat, owner Pauline Dora plans on limiting the items she features outside on Saturday. 

Dora said at her store, , they will have a table outside with items priced under $5. 

Customers will find sale items throughout the store as well, not to mention a cooler climate.

At the , the extra staff brought on for the week was hard at work Thursday afternoon, moving mountains of shoe boxes into two white tents in the parking lot, where everything will be 25 percent off through Saturday. 




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