New Kitchen Gives Patients Independence at Silver Hill

Deane, Inc. of New Canaan gives Transitional Living patients another reason to get excited.


Six o’ clock rolls around, you’ve just made it home from work, and the children dramatically cling to the kitchen counter because they’re starving and when on this good, green earth will dinner be done?

Planning the meals for the week, shopping, cooking, then cleaning it all up is just another item on the long list of stuff to do for the week and the kitchen is just another room in the house to do it in. It is only when the ants manage to file their way into the cupboard or when the garbage disposal starts to fight back that a whole lot of attention is focused on the kitchen area.

However, the kitchen, a staple in every household that we are oft to take for granted, means so much more for the patients in ’s Transitional Living Program. The routine and sometimes hassle of mealtime preparation is one of the crucial elements in the patients’ transition into the world beyond Silver Hill.

“One of our core programs is independent living skills,” said Silver Hill Director of Marketing Heather Porter. “Preparing and planning the meals and grocery shopping is part of that.”

With the help of local partners, individuals residing at Silver Hill can now enjoy state-of-the-art appliances in their new kitchen, which had not been upgraded in the last 15 years.

Designer Alice Hayes with was selected to oversee the project along with Bob Heid of Fashion Floors in Wilton, in Milford, Albano Appliance of Scotts Corners, NY, and Frank Courtney Construction in Danbury.

“We approached Deane, Inc. and they were very gracious,” said Porter, “The patients absolutely love the new space.”

“Michael Cominotto, a former patient and volunteer for whom the house is named, inspired this project,” stated Silver Hill’s Laura Hamburg. “He was closely involved with the remodel as he often plans lunch menus, supplying all ingredients to make the meals not only educational for the patients, but delectable to eat.”

Renovations included a new refrigerator, range and hood, dishwasher, microwave, tile flooring and backspalsh, stone countertops, a deep stainless-steel sink and faucet and a variety of red cooking equipment, utensils and china at a cost of $15,000.

According to Porter, Deane, Inc. completed the renovations in just under two weeks, eliminating any interference with treatment.

Victoria Hart Glavin June 11, 2012 at 12:44 PM
I LOVE the new kitchen!
Emily Constance June 11, 2012 at 03:17 PM
Isn't it lovely? What a nice addition!
Glen K Dunbar June 11, 2012 at 04:03 PM
I agree. Such a nice kitchen. Best of luck to them. It is wonderful


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