Small Town Girl Makes Her Mark in New Canaan

Amy Townsend brings fashion savvy to the art of designing stationery.

An interview with Amy Townsend of Amy Ruth Designs, bringing the creativity and beauty of clothing design to the art of cards.


Founded:  2009

An interview with Amy Townsend of Amy Ruth Designs at her New Canaan home: 


PATCH:  Where did the name Amy Ruth Designs originate?

AMY RUTH:I decided to use my first and middle names. Also, I was named after my grandmother, Ruth, who still lives here in New Canaan...she is a very important person in my life.

PATCH:  How long have you been in business and what made you decide to open a business in New Canaan?

AMY RUTH: I established Amy Ruth Designs in 2009. I decided to start my business in New Canaan because this is where my roots are. New Canaan is where my heart is, this is "home" and what better place to establish a business. It was also my desire to encourage others to think about establishing local businesses like my own here in New Canaan...businesses that are both interesting and unique.

PATCH: What makes your business unique? What distinguishes what you do from other business owners?

AMY RUTH: I started my career in the fashion industry and worked with design for five years before I decided to start this business. Where the fashion industry fails to cater to the individuals' wants and desires, to the contrary, my business is very consumer centric, that is to say, very much focused on the individual's desires. But, from that experience in fashion design, I came up with my own ideas about design and translated those ideas into designing my products. Much of my artwork is directed to my customers' desires in order to create a personal connection. I use alot of "repeated" patterns, which makes my artwork unique, and not often seen elsewhere. The best example of my artwork and my products can be seen in The Lions Den Bookstore at and in downtown New Canaan.

PATCH: What are some of the things that you would like New Canaan residents to know about your business, that they may not already know?

AMY RUTH: All of my products are manufactured in Alabama, so you can say it is truly "Made in the U.S.A." and I am really proud of that. My artwork and all of my designs are fun, "preppy" and fresh...universal. And, our products are priced fairly and reasonably. 

PATCH: What is your opinion/take on the current

AMY RUTH: . The small business community is what has always given New Canaan its "small town" charm, its unique character. I guess if I had to point to one direction for the future, it might be underground parking, in order to allow better use of space currently allocated to parking and instead introduce new businesses and more "green areas". This would make the downtown even more "walkable".

PATCH: What direction would you like to see for the downtown? ?

AMY RUTH: It seems to me that New Canaan is constantly redefining itself. But, I would love to see more "Fair Trade" types of businesses, perhaps move the farmers market into the downtown area. I believe New Canaan residents are very focused on healthy and organic food choices. Stores like Fresh Produce would be great for New Canaan, a good old fashioned bakery. And, even a good office supply store, instead of having to travel to a Staples for basic supplies. Finally, how about a real town green? Wouldn't that be terrific for the downtown!

PATCH: Do you have any closing comments or thoughts?

AMY RUTH: I love living in New Canaan because of its unique character, and I don't want to see New Canaan lose its small town feel and sense of "Americana".

eileen Swanberg December 23, 2011 at 01:53 PM
I love Amy's designs and she is now doing all the invites for my daughter wedding and doing a great job!!


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