When It's This Cold, Who Wants Ice Cream?

The answer is: A lot of people. Though Baskin-Robbins in downtown New Canaan isn't getting as much foot traffic in freezing temperatures, residents want their treats.


It's 17 degrees in New Canaan right now, far colder when the wind kicks up. That changes a lot of things—how we dress, how quickly we walk and how much time we spend outdoors.

Here's something that doesn't change, according to Baskin-Robbins owner Anna Valente-Krolikowski, a town resident and 1987 New Canaan High School graduate who has owned the downtown institution for 20 years: "Ice cream is comfort food."

Though dipping temperatures are affecting foot traffic for downtown shops ("People aren't out," Valente-Krolikowski says), many residents are calling in orders to take out "and enjoy in the comfort and warmth of home."

"People are coming in for hot fudge sundaes and we're selling a lot of ice cream cakes as there are still birthday parties," Valente-Krolikowski said.

Are you eating ice cream this week? What are your favorite things to eat and drink during cold spells like this? Tell us in the comments!


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