360 Fitness Unveils Cake Station

Who Doesn't Like Cake?
Who Doesn't Like Cake?

In a move to stay ahead of the ever-changing world of fitness trends, New Canaan's 360 Fitness recently added a Chocolate Cake station located between the Kettlebell free weights and one of the gym's two Power Plates.

"This is fairly sophisticated workout that involves close coordination of the voluntary skeletal muscles particularly the lumbrical, the flexor digitorum profundis, the biceps brachii and finally the depressor anguli oris," says 360 Front Desk Associate and Towel Sculptress, Keagan Gros. "We always start beginners with the Dixie heavyweight polystyrene teaspoon and as they progress, step them up eventually to a Reed & Barton sterling silver oval soup spoon. How fast they get there depends on how much they want to work."

"It is nice to find a gym that is not a slave to stereotypical residual self-images created by skinny models and guys at the NFL Combine, " says Michael Turpin, author and community authority figure, who works out at the Cake Station several times a week. "I find it affirming to be able to pleasantly add back the calories I've burned on the treadmill or cross trainer. It says something about the Circle of Life, but frankly I'm not sure just what."

Ms Gros indicated that the Cake Station has become so popular that the fitness center has posted a notice asking members to limit their workouts there to 5 minutes each. "Interestingly, the bench press, the lat machine and the free weights are wide open, but there is always someone wanting cake," she says.

David Gurliacci March 07, 2014 at 07:59 PM
In the last sentence, did you mean to say "lat machine" or "latte machine"?
George Simpson March 07, 2014 at 09:54 PM
What a great idea!


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