Break Out of the Take Out Routine

Fine dining at home doesn't have to mean hours in the kitchen.

Take out.

Two little words offer big relief to those of us who strive to provide interesting, nutritious weekday dinners after a busy day — whether it’s spent in an office or behind the wheel of an SUV shuttling between school drop-offs and pick-ups, team practices, play rehearsals and sundry appointments. 

The words undoubtedly also bring cheer to the family members whose role is simply to show up for those dinners, whether they're eaten around a table or at the kitchen counter! 

Fortunately, New Canaan offers a terrific array of what could be called traditional take-out options: pizza from , or ; Asian specialties from , or , and prepared foods from , and —  just to name a few.

To break out of the take out routine, why not bring home a complete dinner from one of New Canaan’s dining establishments that don’t immediately spring to mind when you’re thinking of a quick dinner fix? 

While most restaurants don’t advertise "take out", most will be happy to prepare meals for you to pick up, if you call to inquire.

, and all offer their menus for at-home dining.

Chef Luis’s website does includes an online order form with a 10% discount off their menu prices. They ask for your preferred pick-up time or time of arrival at the train station.  

Next time you’re hard-pressed to do- it-yourself for dinner, a quick stop after you get off the train, or one more stop on your last pick-up run can mean a welcome break in the weeknight routine.

Canaanite March 04, 2011 at 03:58 PM
I don't think anyone should advocate or further the culture of not cooking and eating out all the time - regardless of whether you bring it home or not. I am not a doctor, but I would guess - probably with accuracy - that the effect of eating out or ordering in all the time is akin to what happens when you're on the McDonald's diet . . . Restaurant food is full of salt and preservatives (most use processed and salt laden canned ingredients to put together a meal) and they load up on oil and butter and grease . . . It dulls our tastebuds and makes us want to eat more. And let's not even talk about the fact that restaurant portions are nowhere near normal. It takes no time at all to cook delicious and easy food at home that is much healthier and satisfying than eating out . . . It's not difficult if you prepare, and it's much healthier. It's horrible that kids nowadays grow up without homecooked meals and don't even know what good wholesome food is. What is our society coming to? Great for the restaurant industry, but definitely awful for all of our health!
G McEvoy March 04, 2011 at 05:23 PM
No mention of Food Emporium??? The have a good selection of take out, and often less expensive than many of the other places you mentioned .. people who work there are very nice also. Should have mentioned Fabulous Feasts on Vitti St. as well
W. H. Taylor March 04, 2011 at 05:29 PM
Don't forget Viccolo's----best pizza in town imho.
NewCanaanResident March 04, 2011 at 08:20 PM
Don't forget Chicken Joes and The Filling Station - grease it on!


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