Health Inspections: New Canaan Public Schools

Listed below are results from the most recent health inspections at cafeterias in New Canaan Public Schools. We also have details on the last failed inspections at the schools.


Here’s what town health inspector Carla DeLucia says about the cafeteria workers at New Canaan Public Schools: “I think they’re excellent. They do a great job.”

A look below, at the most recent scores on health department inspections, backs up what DeLucia says, as the five public schools on their most recent inspections earned scores (out of a possible 100) of 100, 100, 98, 98 and 92—all well within passing grade.

As DeLucia notes in the attached video, the cafeterias at schools are inspected three times per year.

To fail an inspection, which would trigger follow-up by the health department, a food service establishment either must be cited for a so-called “4-point demerit” (full list of what those are is available here) or must receive more than 20 demerits overall (out of a possible 100).  

What follows is information from two reports for each school:

  1. The most recent inspection report available at the health department with the inspector’s notes on demerits; and
  2. The date and details for the last inspection that the cafeteria failed.


School Score (out of 100) Date of inspection Inspector's notes East School 98 1/31/13 Water (hot) at handwash sinks (84-90 degrees) maintain between 110-115 degrees; Front service line: Hot holding templs (147-161 degrees) taco meat & chicken soup, cold holding temps (40-43 degrees) cheese/cream cheese/yogurt/sandwiches/salads etc. last failed 95 1/12/07 Do not store badly dented cans in stock room. (This is a 4-point demerit, hence the failure.)
  South School 98 1/24/13 Hot water at handwash sink 137 degrees; restroom 86 degrees *will need to have adjusted, should be maintained between 110-115 degrees; *milk cooler thermometer at 58 degrees during lunch service, milk below 45 degrees. Will have serviced and spread milk out. last failed 95 1/23/12 Improper cooling, large stainless steel pan in walk-in refrigerator covered with plastic wrap (chicken soup) 123-degrees internal temperature. Need to use proper cooling procedures prior to putting food product into walk-in. (provide shallow pans/time & temp/ice paddle) Improper cooling is one of the leading causes of foodborne illness *will provide training documents.   West School 100 2/4/13
last failed 90 6/1/10 1. Cream cheese & butter stored on top of tray of frozen ice (56-67 degrees); 2. Sour cream & shredded cheese on a tray on top of tray of frozen ice 65-70 degrees; will need to provide proper holding units aside from one with lunch items (no room) to ensure potentially hazardous food tiems to be held 45-degrees or below *will send spec sheets with examples; #11: Sanitizer (bleach) at 3-bay sink 200 ppm, toxic. Needs to be between 50-100 ppm. Saxe Middle School 100 2/1/13
last failed 93 1/26/12 Dented cans stored - dry storage area (6-lb Furmano's chick peas)—provide a separate area for cans to be sent back to distributor *will send training New Canaan High School 92 1/30/13 Replace interior thermometers throughout RI refrigerators; replace red cutting boards; milk crates used throughout; temps at hws (75-80 degrees) maintain at 110-115 degrees; replace light in walk-in freezer. last failed 85 5/4/07 Minestrone at 120 degrees—discarded; chicken at 67 degrees—discarded.


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