Hey Thanks a Lot, Next Time Leave a Can Opener

In this installment, we highlight people who park their cars impossibly close to the space next to them, making other motorists basically climb in the passenger's side to re-enter their cars, and then walk away like everything is normal. REALLY?


This is our fourth installment of "Really?"—the first three looked at botched parking jobs, inconsiderate jaywalkers and then littering. For balance, we're running this feature every other week, interspersed by which looks at small acts of consideration and kindness that make big differences in the lives of New Canaanites.

"Which End Will I Be on This Time? Don't Box Me In ..."


For this week's installment, we return to botched parking jobs—and to what I'd call a particularly aggravating example of the breed. Parking spaces in New Canaan aren't so scarce that you need to box someone in the way I got done in the featured photo on this. I took two photos to give full perspective—all the information is in the captions.

If this happens to you, go ahead and click where it says "Upload Photos and Videos"—we'll feature your photo on the New Canaan Patch homepage.

TGIF, everyone.


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