Is This the Most Dangerous Stretch of Road in New Canaan?

The 'S' that starts at 46 Buttery Road and winds its way down the hill is truly harrowing.


In case you've never pulled off of Carter Street at Buttery Road, just zoom in on the blue star in the white bubble on the locator map on the right, and pay special attention to the 'S.'

This may be the single most dangerous stretch of road in all of New Canaan. In order to negotiate this windy bit of pavement safely, sane motorists need to come to an almost complete halt at each windy bend, in case someone else's vehicle is coming from the other side. And there's relatively good visibility during the colder months before the verdure comes in—imagine what this is like in the height of summer.

There are ways around this bit of road—on Pocconock Trail if you're coming in or heading toward 123, or Cedar to Dabney if you're headed north. They both hook back up with Carter.

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Baffled Resident March 29, 2013 at 10:28 PM
I've wondered myself why the town never made the section between Carter and Pocconock a one-way. I'm still going to go with making a left turn from Carter to Silvermine as the most "dangerous" maneuver in town. YMMV.
Andrea Sandor March 30, 2013 at 03:15 PM
Careful about Perception vs. Reality - it's sometimes counter-intuitive regarding "outcome". Roads which are narrow and windy are often safest - since people don't speed & drive more carefully. To learn more - research "Traffic Calming". It's a trap for new analysts to go with "feeling vs. the empiracle" evidence as well. Let the numbers tell the most dangerous stretches of road in New Canaan - what are the accident statistics on Buttery? New Canaan Advertizer has published the roads with the most accidents multiple times - however I would normalize the data further and divide the # accidents by # number of cars driving on that stretch of road (more cars = more accidents but doesn't mean greater risk). Sept 2010 issue of NCHS Courant listed in 2009, "South Ave had 22 accidents, more than any other road in New Canaan". In 2012 - upper Ponus Ridge was cited in a Patch article as dangerous - and Ponus is fairly straight. Can anyone find the article in NC Advertizer - roads/intersections with the most accidents? I am sure the police have these stats. Caution aside - this is an important statistic to publicize to improve public safety - but make sure it's accurate information based on reality not perception.


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