New Canaan's Corners & Columns: Friday, July 30

Think you've got New Canaan figured out? Take a look at our daily photo quiz.

Welcome to our daily photo column: New Canaan's Corners & Columns. Every morning we post a photo of an architectural element taken somewhere around our beautiful town. It's your job, as New Canaan buffs, to figure our where exactly the picture was taken. Please feel free to login and leave your guesses in the comments section below.

If you've got a photo of your own, or a recommendation for a possible location, send an e-mail to max@patch.com. And don't forget to check back tomorrow morning for the answer and another photo to go with it.

Yesterday's Corners & Columns was the steeple at St. Michael's Lutheran Church. Congrats to those who guessed it right and better luck today to those who didn't! 


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