Richmond Hill Road Home Sells for $1.14M

Eight properties were sold in New Canaan between Nov. 16 and Nov. 19.

(Editor's note: The following information was provided by the New Canaan Town Clerk's office.) 

On Nov. 16, Robert and Cathleen Wyatt sold the property at 140 Richmond Hill Road to Joseph and Elizabeth DeTullio for $1,140,000.

On Nov. 16, George and Susan Baker sold the property at 6 Kelly Green to Joseph Hanson for $1,200,000.

On Nov. 16, Steven Salazzo and June Decker sold the property at 111 Nursery Road to David and Hannah Choi for $880,000.

On Nov. 16, Sven Englund sold the property at 73 Oenoke Ridge to Michael Frankenfield for $805,000.

On Nov. 19, Timothy Murphy sold the property at 10 Coachman's Square (condo) to Rabia Khuran for $571,000.

On Nov. 19, Jennie Nicters sold the property at 128 Ascot (condo) to Anette Palmeri for $675,000.

On Nov. 19, Alan and Marsha Ingber sold the property at 79 Rilling Ridge Road to Robert and Heather Moore for $1,083,000.

On Nov. 19, Timothy and Margaret Joyce sold the property at 84 Southgate (condo) to Mary Ellen and John Reddan for $650,000. 


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