Salmonella Outbreak Hits 4 People in Connecticut

The contaminated food causing the illnesses is unknown, although sushi is under investigation.

A salmonella outbreak has affected 93 people in the country and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that four people Connecticut have the outbreak strain. 

The source of the outbreak is unknown and under investigation by the CDC and Food and Drug Administration. Spicy tuna sushi is suspected as the cause.

Ten people have been hospitalized but there have been no deaths. There could be more reports in coming weeks, as the CDC says it sometimes takes a couple weeks for someone to make a report.

Facts about the recent outbreak:    

  • First instance of illness was Jan. 28
  • People aged 4-78 years have been found with the strain. The median age is 31.
  • 46 percent of the people have been female.

According to Medical News Today, a salmonella infection can cause "typhoid fever, food poisoning, gastroenteritis, enteric fever" and more.

Stanley Simpleton April 16, 2012 at 05:07 PM
Is this story supposed to somehow be helpful? Why not give the public some information such as a list of the stores or restaurants who might have sold the contaminated product?


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