Seeking Your Nominations for “Faces of New Canaan”

In just four installments, the feedback on our new series has been overwhelmingly positive—please send us your nominees at lisab@patch.com or michaeld@patch.com!


Thank to our wonderful New Canaan Patch readers for your terrific feedback on “Faces of New Canaan” profile series and especially all the kind words you’ve had for our first four interviewees:

  • Faces of New Canaan: Glen K. Dunbar
  • Faces of New Canaan: Tom Sirico
  • Faces of New Canaan: Tony Shek
  • Faces of New Canaan: Dante Chicatell

The series is set to return next week in its regular Thursday spot, but we need your help in nominating residents.

Remember, these are not people who are well-known because of celebrity, job title or their status as an elected official (though they absolutely could be famous people who are in office in New Canaan and have impressive job titles)—these are the “Faces of New Canaan” because we cannot imagine this town without them. You may not know just who they are or anything about them beyond maybe where they work or hang out, but they are essential pieces of this community’s fabric and when you see them, you know you’re home.

Please email us your nominees—at New Canaan editor Lisa Buchman’s email, lisab@patch.com or my own, michaeld@patch.com—or nominate someone in the comments thread below.

Susan Blabey March 28, 2013 at 10:32 AM
Great "Faces of New Canaan"...Thank you for these interesting well done profiles. Don't stop now....where are all the women? Some of our fine youth. Keep up your work and reporting. THANK YOU.... Susan
Michael Dinan (Editor) March 28, 2013 at 01:28 PM
Thanks Susan! Do you have any specific youth that you'd like to nominate? You can either email me or post right in the thread -- thanks again. -Mike (michaeld@patch.com)
Toddy Turrentine March 28, 2013 at 11:56 PM
I would like to see you do some stories on some of the people who have led our great organizations, such as the library, Nature Center, Garden Club, Beautification League, Waveny Care Center, NC Community Foundation, YMCA, EMS, Food Bank, Staying Put, etc. I would suggest Catharine Sturgess (LWV, Nature Center, Garden Club) for a start.


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