The Top 5 Stories of the Week on New Canaan Patch

The five most read stories on New Canaan Patch from Jan. 28-Feb. 1.


The most read story of the week on New Canaan Patch is about a town woman whose trial was delayed until March because a Norwalk Court judge was out sick:

  1. Buhl Harassment Trial Delayed by Ailing Judge
  2. Company: Dogs' Owner Knew Invisible Fence Was Down at Time of Attack
  3. New Canaan to Track Dog Owners Using Spencer’s Run
Glen K Dunbar February 04, 2013 at 06:54 PM
I still worship Princess Terri and wish she would want to be friends w/me and hang out.;..JUST as friends. But, what an honor it would be if She would be my friend. I have no real friends per say except those who keep telling me to do for myself and how lucky I am while they eat there fancy lobsters and drive their nice cars and hang out at all the nice spots and country clubs Ummm I am on death row (NOT literally) I guess I should say poverty row and nobody will bail me out. Some state !!!!! umm GLEN


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