'Vote or Shut Up!'

The day's most interesting comments from Patch users in your town and neighboring communities.

FAIRFIELD: "Anyone who doesn't vote forfeits his or her right to complain about anything! Vote, or shut up! ;-)" This is a message that one.

GREENWICH: "Both local parties are good about picking signs up soon after the election. The local campaigns generally do not put out signs until a few weeks before Election Day. Signs are the manifestation of our democracy. Putting up with them is a small price to pay. Heard at the polling place this morning: a Republican candidate accusing a Republican operative of making her signs disappear. Isn't choice a wonderful thing?" This was one Greenwich Patch reader's response to an article about 

NEW CANAAN: "I love the dilemma of living in the suburbs that you so descriptively convey. I must admit that right now after having lived without power for eight days, and feeding gas to generator every seven hours, I will miss living in the city with those crazies over nature's unpredictability!" This was on New Canaan Patch reader's response to a blog post by Jane Himmel about her .

NORWALK: "What's the over/under on how many will be shot?" This was one Norwalk Patch reader's response to the news that  on Nov. 18 for a charity game.


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