Letter: Rep. Tom O'Dea Endorses New Canaan's Republican Slate

New Canaan has one of the lowest property tax rates in the entire state and that has not happened by accident. Unlike what is going on in Hartford and Washington, New Canaan is being run by Fiscally Conservative Republicans and has been for many years. 

Look at what has happened in Hartford with a lack of Fiscal Conservative Leadership: the highest debt per capita in the country, negative job growth over the last 25 years, voted the worst state in which to retire and voted one of the worst states to do business. 

Our State leaders all agree we are over taxed but the party in control believes borrowing more to increase spending with a larger state government is the proper course. Locally, we spend money on needs rather than wants and have maintained our assets, including our excellent educational system. 

The next four years will be extremely difficult financially as interest rates rise while the state and federal government are a fiscal disaster. We need to keep our Fiscal Conservative Republican tradition in New Canaan in place. I know all of the candidates personally and can state without hesitation that the Republican Slate is as strong as it has ever been with an outstanding group of candidates who have the skill sets that our town needs. Please join me in making sure all of us, along with our family and friends, vote for our Fiscally Conservative Republican Slate: Penny Young, John Engel, Kevin Moynihan and Bill Walbert on November 5th.

Tom O’Dea,
State Representative, 125th District and former member of New Canaan’s Town Council 

Patch will accept letters of candidate endorsement through Thursday, October 31 for publication by Friday, November 1. 
Roy A. Abramowitz October 22, 2013 at 05:36 PM
THE OPPORTUNITY IS NOW! This coming November 5 my fellow constituents have the opportunity to choose between “business as usual”, or “real change” in our Legislative Branch. Business as usual has resulted in budgets prepared utilizing inaccurate financial data, over-spending, un-authorized pension payments, unauthorized legal payments, uncollected extra duty invoices back to 2005, loss of educational grants, lack of civility, lack of collegiality to opposing views, dereliction of duty, demonstrated commitment to personal agendas etc. We have all witnessed the results of the failed policies of our current Legislative Branch. An “unprecedented 38 page Audit Management Letter”, an inflated mill-rate (higher property taxes) and scandal after scandal. I Roy A Abramowitz CPA, oppose “business as usual” and seek election to the Town Council. I have a vast record of community service. My financial expertise and 43 years of financial industry experience has allowed me to identify and offer corrective “best practices” to the mis-management and material weakness(es) in financial reporting, the lack of “best practices in the budgeting process, wasteful spending, and over-stated increases in our mill rate. For the last five years I have identified and outlined procedures to correct the issues stated in the current “audit management letter”. If my recommendations (over the last half decade) were implemented pertaining to “best practices”, internal control changes, segregation of duties, financial and accounting checklist(s) and procedures the Town would not have been the subject of a scathing financial report from our auditors, and our “mill rate” would be lower, not inflated. Four years ago I requested the formation of an “audit committee”. Last summer I authored a procedural memorandum outlining the formation, composition and bylaws of an audit committee. The memorandum is currently being utilized by the Town Council By-laws and Procedures sub-committee in finalizing the standards and bylaws in the formation of our town’s audit committee. I have actively participated with the sub-committee in this endeavor. I stand by my record of achievement and commitment to the community. If my conclusions and recommendations were implemented we would not now need to fix a broken financial and accounting system that has resulted in higher taxation. It is time for change! Not business as usual. offer my constituents “real reform” and a “real voice”. I have shown that I can identify and outline procedures to implement “best practices” into the Town’s financial and accounting system(s). As a CPA, forensic auditor and manager I can properly determine real needs vs. unnecessary wants and those which could be deferred. My policy will mandate efficient utilization of town resources and expenditures to face the necessary increases in infrastructure maintenance and repair in the coming economic environment of increasing interest rates on bonded debt. I will insist on rigorous financial management and restrict bonding and borrowing to essential capital improvements. My standard will mandate proper budgeting and forecasting to stabilize the town property tax rate. I will fully analyze all requests for budgetary expenditures; study the possibility of streamlining without loss of services and implement economies of scale. I will propose a study to analyze new revenue sources. I will openly listen to the voices of all constituents and vote accordingly, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability, and putting the interests of the public first. No self-interest and no rubber-stamp. I am “Bi-Partisan” and will represent all constituents as I have always done. "Roy for a Voice"
Elmcrest October 22, 2013 at 09:19 PM
As a New Canaan voter, I simply don’t agree with Mr. O’Dea’s brand new theme that we suddenly have “fiscally conservative” Republicans running Town Council. He should know, he’s been there — there’s no Republican or Democratic way to run town government. But in recent memory, our Republican-led Town Council has just wasted our taxpayer money left and right, on needless lawsuits, seldom-used sidewalks, sloppy accounting, and unpopular pet projects fueled by what appears to be nothing more than cronyism. When there’s a majority party in town, which here would be Republicans, their duty is to work extra hard to follow the rules, follow the laws, and do the best for our town, not for their party or personal interests. “Fiscally Conservative Republicans?” That just hasn’t been our town’s recent experience.
Boron October 23, 2013 at 09:24 AM
I recently moved to New Canaan specifically because of the quality of this town and its schools. They must be doing something right. I will vote the status quo.
Tom October 23, 2013 at 10:03 AM
I don't support going with the status quo. I have lived here for quite some time and I have seen one travesty after another. I see plenty of room to become more fiscally conservative. I see a ton of waste tax money and my personal opinion on the town hall is that it is going to be way too extravagant.
Jon S. October 23, 2013 at 12:29 PM
Vote the status quo? Look before you do! Mr. O’Dea and his cronies on Town Hall were also responsible for the debacle involving former First Selectman Jeb Walker’s pension. If you recall, Mr. Walker received a pension he had legally not earned, and the “Fiscally Conservative Republicans,” including Mr. O’Dea, voted months later, once this fact was made public, to RETROACTIVELY grant Mr. Walker the unearned pension. The amount of dollars, including health benefits, was not trivial. Mr. Walker ended up paying back the money that was not his. It seems “Fiscally Conservative Republicans” have no problem wasting our money on enriching their personal friends.
Richard P Vachula October 23, 2013 at 12:47 PM
WHO voted to give Jeb Walker an illegal pension why Tom you were one and Penny Young was one also so when you Vote Republican it would be good not vote for a Republican who voted to make an illegal act legal.


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