Halloween Safety Tips from the New Canaan Police Department

Halloween is right around the corner, and there's all kinds of fun to be had. But in getting dressed up and getting into the spooky mood, New Canaan Police also want to make sure everyone is having a safe time. 

This year, Sgt. Carol Ogrinc said New Canaan Police will have glowstick bracelets and trick-or-treat bags available in the lobby of the station. They're free, but first come, first serve, so interested parties should head over soon. 

Visibility is key: 
Wear costumes made of bright colors and stay away from wearing black costumes, if possible. It's also recommended to pick up reflection tape so costumes are more visible to approaching vehicles are able to spot trick-or-treaters more easily. Handheld flashlights, glowsticks or blinking lights attached to bags or costumes are also recommended. 

Move with intent: 
It's an exciting evening and children are looking forwards to bringing home a big haul of candy, but running around in unknown neighborhoods or through unfamiliar yards can be unsafe and lead to injury. If cutting through an area that is unknown, walk, don't run, and keep an eye out for curbs, rocks or dips in the land that might be difficult to spot in a mask and cause a child to trip and fall. 

Travel in large groups: 
Older children venturing out without an adult should be traveling in groups. Larger groups, with five or six children, is preferable even to pairs. 

Use the sidewalk: 
When traveling on foot, walk along the sidewalks when they are available. If it is a necessity to move along a roadway, always move as far over in the shoulder as possible and and walk against traffic flow so approaching vehicles are easier to spot. Motorists should also be aware of the increased foot traffic on Halloween and travel with extra caution starting around dusk. There will be increased patrols to monitor traffic and keep everyone safe Halloween night. 

Inspect all candy: 
Do not eat any candy before inspecting it. Children should allow their parents to go through all the candy they received to make sure it is safe. If there is any signs of tampering, contact the police department immediately at 203-594-3500


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