It's All About Family

Family Britches, the men's and women's haberdasher, is one of New Canaan's landmark stores.

Family Britches manager and buyer Mark Gust considers his customers like family. He remembers a Christmas Eve from years back when they’d just closed the shop and locked the front doors. A fellow local merchant knocked on the window and emptied his pockets, showing lots of cash. He soulfully pleaded for them to open the shop for him, which they did. They helped him select just the right gifts, wrapped them up and sent him merrily on his way. 

is one of our town’s anchors. The store has been on Elm Street for 34 years, having taken over the spot of another New Canaan landmark, . 

“Customer service is what sets us apart,” Gust told Patch. "We make friends first, and those friends become our customers. We offer different labels from other stores in the area, and we provide custom tailoring right here on the premises.” 

So when you walk down Elm Street, walk in and say hello to the friends you know at Family Britches….and have a cup of cheer.


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