Home Sales on Lakeside, Fitch Aves. & Brown St.

Property transfers recently filed in the Darien Town Clerk's Office.

Locations for these properties, listed as sold in the Town Clerk's Office, can be seen on the attached map:

  • 17 Lakeside Ave.—TruliaZillow—Richard J. Velloff and Heather Velloff to Gregoire V. Presseau, sold Aug. 22, filed Sept. 14, $850,000
  • 81 Fitch Ave.—TruliaZillow—John P. Gianukakis and Lori B. Gianukakis to William E. Drew and Elisabeth Drew, sold Sept. 14, filed Sept. 17, $1,025,000
  • 9 Plymouth Rd.—TruliaZillow—Margaret M. Wilson to Michael DeSanctis and Elizabeth DeSanctis, sold Sept. 14, filed Sept. 17, $1,665,000
  • 18 Fairmead Rd.—TruliaZillow—Lee S. Cushman Trust to Julie Murphy and Thomas Murphy, sold Sept. 12, filed Sept. 17, $1,080,000
  • 10 Brown St.—TruliaZillow—Charles Claffey and Rebecca Claffey to Gaurav Aggarwal and Sangeeta Chatterji, sold Sept. 13, filed Sept. 17, $1,115,000—pictured



The Darien Real Estate topics page, which includes:

  • Youtube Open House (videos for homes on the market)
  • Open house listings and more on Elaine Falkenberg's real estate blog
  • Karen Brewer's real estate blog
  • Betsy Nolan's real estate blog

Property transfers columns in other Patch communities:

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