2011: The Year's Most Talked-About Stories

Sidewalks and bridges, the lumberyard and elections, storms, farms and bonfires --- all piqued Patch readers to participate in the conversation this year.


A look back at some of the stories that sparked conversation on Patch in 2011:

  • - The subject of a town referendum, controversy and conversation, the new sidewalks, which were part of a larger street repaving program, and are set for spring installation. 
  • : Who knew what when? Questions about town governance and procedures arose when cost overruns totalling $1.5 million came to light. .
  • , the and  - All aimed at determining the best way forward for New Canaan. 

- LRPC, appointed in May, 2010, will .

- The Market Demand Study, .

- The when a state grant request was declined.

  • Elections - All but one of the contests in the 2011 municipal elections were decided at the party caucuses this spring. But New Canaan residents still found plenty to talk about in , which in the end was .
  • - 2010 went out like a lion when New Canaan and the entire region were hit with a blizzard the day after Christmas. The new year did not bring relief and when and visited this fall, power supplies and patience were wearing thin and residents turned to Patch for information.
  • - New Canaan weighs in and protesters .
  • - When coaches of a youth football team included a bonfire of the team's third-place trophies in the end-of-the-year party plans, it ignited conversation on Patch.
  • Two stories which drew comments from Patch readers as the year came to a close were, the  on the night of Dec. 22, the , and the . News and conversation on both will undoubtedly continue into 2012.




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