"And Now, I Tire of This Inane Back-and-Forth"

The day's best comments from Patch account-holders in our Fairfield County towns.

FAIRFIELD: “And now, I tire of this inane back-and-forth with you.” — So said in forbidding the animals on beaches, and became—some might say descended into—a discussion among other things about which species dirty our waters with their waste.

GREENWICH: “Because of the lack of real Watershed Planning we can expect this trend to continue.” — That’s what Greenwich Patch account-holder and said in an article summarizing how , prompting town officials to urge residents to "voluntarily conserve.''

MONROE: “The economy was on course for that reef long before Obama took helm of the ship.” — So said in response to which peeks in each morning at what our elected officials in Washington, D.C. are saying and doing.

NEWTOWN: “Food quality is uneven, often very good, sometimes "ok" but never bad.” — This was part of a recent review from in Patch’s business listing directory in Newtown, for , a fine dining venue set in a 200-year-old converted colonial.

SHELTON: “Well I saw someone fishing there this morning so someone should go and make sure no one else does until tomorrow.” — That’s what about how Shelton's has reportedly been stocked with trout as well as 600 surplus Atlantic salmon broomstick. The trout-fishing season doesn’t open until Saturday.

Glen K Dunbar April 20, 2012 at 10:30 PM
I see no problems if a person bring Dog(s) to beach. If they are on leash. If the owner brings the little bags to pick up the #2's...what is the issue ??????? Wish I could be close to my dogs and know how to walk them. I do not know even how to put on the collar, harness or leash. Moreover, if I try to walk them they either lie down and don't move OR pull me to run back home. We use the pads in the house. They are pretty good on using them too. Wish I could get some help w/the dogs
Four Jacks April 21, 2012 at 01:26 PM
Some people don't deserve to have dogs if they don't know and won't learn how to take care of them.


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