Corbet is the Best Person for the Job

Why would we want less stewardship of our tax dollars when we can have more?

I support Kathleen Corbet for New Canaan Town Treasurer. I think Kathleen's energy, financial and budgeting skills, and knowledge of best practices will enable her, as Treasurer, to make sure we have effective oversight of our tax dollars. Her website is a great place to become acquainted with Kathleen's vision and capabilities.

Supporters of our treasurer of 46 years have written letters asserting, in essence, that a) the treasurer position involves no responsibility for financial oversight, b) the Town has not asked our current treasurer to take any responsibility for financial oversight and c) we should reelect him to preserve the status quo. The Treasurer has no policy responsibility, but is responsible for ensuring that payments are made under proper authority, overseeing Town bank accounts and the pension fund, and reviewing all municipal bond financings before signing off on them. We as a Town could certainly use a second pair of eyes reviewing expenditures and investments. Kathleen Corbet will be an active steward, increasing accountability, responsibility and transparency, all of which would be good for our Town. New Canaan has a budget exceeding $125 million; that is too big and the world is too complicated for us to have an inactive position in our financial administration.

Why would we want less stewardship of our tax dollars when we can have more? Let’s elect the best person for the job and New Canaan. Elect Kathleen Corbet for Town Treasurer.

God Bless New Canaan November 06, 2011 at 03:03 PM
Kathleen Corbet will work with town officials and for New Canaan voters. Her supporters are right in asserting that the time has past for the town to carry an 'honorary' position, defining it as an 'Officer of the Town', and then bypassing it entirely. Kathleen has offered her expertise as an 'extra set of eyes'. This apparently bothers those wishing to preserve the status quo. The current Treasurer is not to be faulted for holding a position without a defined portfolio for over 40 years. We have lots of people and positions doing a pretty good job approving budgets and spending our money. Why not an independently elected official, rather than those involved in the spending, keeping an eye on things? All we are saying is that we have a position called Treasurer of New Canaan with admittedly limited powers of Oversight. Don't ignore the office, but use it in the best interests of the people of New Canaan.


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