Five Places to Picnic in New Canaan

With summer just around the corner, what better way to spend time outdoors than with an old-fashioned picnic?

Warm weather and picnics go together.  And with so many great parks in New Canaan, there’s no excuse not to get out your picnic basket and enjoy a meal outside.  Here are five places in New Canaan to do just that.


With 250 acres to sprawl out on, Waveny might be the ultimate place to picnic. Home to the , Spencer's Run dog park, a frisbee golf course, and paddle courts (just to mention a few of the on-site amenities), Waveny has a diverse landscape of fields, gardens, and ponds for your picnicking pleasure.  Waveny also hosts the Annual 4th of July Fireworks and Waveny Summer Concert Series on Wednesday nights beginning in June.  Spread out a blanket and enjoy some good grub with live entertainment that the whole family can enjoy.


Boasting tennis courts, baseball fields, and New Canaan's largest public playground, Mead Park is not only a great place to picnic, but a prime venue to keep your kids out and active in the warm weather.  Enjoy a meal on the benches overlooking the pond (which was and is prettier than ever), or purchase a snack from the , which offers an open-aired seating area, air conditioned bathrooms, and food service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


New Canaan's newest park, Irwin opened to the public in 2005.  While it may not have a playground or a pool, this is the perfect place to lay under the shady trees and enjoy some peace and quiet. Picnic tables, benches, and sculptures dot the orchards and trails that surround the park.


Kiwanis Park is New Canaan's best and only beach, and a haven for kids in the hot summer months.  The traditional swimming hole complete with basketball courts, a playground, picnic tables and a snack bar (if you're not into bringing your own lunch) is a great place to chill out in the heat.  Purchase your family membership today and enjoy all that Kiwanis has to offer this season.


Mill Pond isn't just a pretty place to drive by.  Though it lays between town and Rte. 123, Mill Pond Park's paved walkways and newly installed benches are an ideal spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Home to ice skating in the winter and a fishing contest in the spring, Mill Pond Park might just be the perfect picnic destination for the late spring and early summer.

And in case you're in the market for new picnic accessories- try this 2-in-1 picnic basket and cooler.  With a more functional take on this classic wooden basket, you can be sure that your food and drinks will stay cool while you picnic in style!


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