'He Should Return With His Head Held High'

The day's most interesting comments from Patch users in your town and neighboring communities.

DARIEN: "While I am not a supporter of the OWS movement, it is not because I do not believe in what they stand for — it is because the movement fails to maintain a form of steady leadership (or trustworthy leadership at that), and has proven to be more of a burden than a benefit. It’s not even organized chaos at this point — just raw and disgusting chaos." This is one Darien Patch reader's response to a profile on ", who said that local police were brutal to her during an unrelated incident.

GREENWICH: "Peter Sherr voted [with] his conscience and it must have been difficult for him to cross party lines; he should return with his head held high. The political drama within this Board has got to stop and partisan affiliations should be checked at the door while these elected officials make the best decisions on behalf of the children of Greenwich. I no longer have children in the Greenwich school system, but this hyper-partisanism is unnecessary and has no place within the Board of Education." This is one Greenwich Patch reader's response to news that the Greenwich Republican Town Committee will hold a special meeting tonight to discuss who cast the deciding vote last week that deposed Republican board chairman Steve Anderson with the election of Democrat Leslie Moriarty as chairman.

REDDING: "Apparently, Redding is ready for this one as the town is 35 percent without power this morning already..." This is one Weston-Redding-Easton Patch reader's response to a  stating the potential for a snowstorm to blast through the region Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

WILTON: "All of the towns around Wilton are cleaning up their roads from the storm as has Wilton decided to do the same. Patience is not always fun, but recognizing that Wilton has just 16 people to do this work on more than 120 miles of Wilton roads should cause us citizens to be thankful that the town has the equipment and willingness to help clean up the big mess. By the way, with Connecticut getting disaster designation, I understand that 3/4 of the cost of the clean up is covered not by Wilton's budget alone. So, let's hope that before Christmas we won't be seeing big branches and sawed off damaged trees lying by our roads." This was one Wilton Patch reader's response to comments about .



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