Letter: Storm Prep, Restoration Effort Overstated

A Darien Patch user said Wednesday that what he saw on the streets in town didn't match what he'd been hearing from officials.

[Editor's Note: This letter was submitted to Darien Patch at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday. To upload your own letter, click here.]

I find it incredible that we still don't have certain major roads such as Mansfield Avenue, to mention one, clear. We have town workers putting sand back on the beaches as opposed to clearing a few trees on Mansfield Avenue and I am sure elsewhere. I also find it odd that there is no police presence throughout the town. I occassionally see a DPD car pass, but there is no traffic control at all.

I don't understand why there isn't a stronger (if at all) police presence and how we can't clear a couple of trees to get certain roadways clear. I, along with two neighbors, could easily clear these trees with a chainsaw. Did it at two homes yesterday with wires and yet today nothing is happening. The politicians here in Darien (CLNP included) are saying how well prepared we are yet I dont see any visible progress. They are patting themselves on their back but no real progress on certain major roads has been made where it matters in my opinion. Many agree with this opinion. One tree on Brookside as another example could easily be clear but yet the town has done nothing (except put some sand back on the beach) and people are driving all over the lawn at Cherry Lawn Park causing much damage.

Im not talking about many trees either -- one at the end of Overbrook Lane and Mansfield and another by Saint Nicholas for example to clear much of Mansfield.

CT Light and Power is also still assessing -- seriously?

Just an opinion and we should be asking these questions.

John Weer November 02, 2012 at 01:13 PM
Go figure Mr Sini and Mr Pankowski, "Dannel P. Malloy is questioning the response by the state's two main utility companies to widespread power outages..." and how offensive it was to you both that I offered constructive comments yesterday and expressed concern for my elderly neighbors. It seems to me that the Governor has a lot more information than the rest of us. The article is on the homepage of the Darien Patch. Does this sound familiar, similar to my comments from yesterday? Again, there are no complaints just questioning certain priorities and suggesting we cut through the red tape as Governor Christie did in the State of NJ with downed trees, etc. Be more open to constructive comments and don't "go with the flow". Our response will not be perfect as you suggest and we should identify these issues so that we can be better next time. You should both be in Congress or work for the EPA where nothing gets accomplished. Ms Ritchie is right, there are so many devastating stories out there particularly the one she mentioned. As I mentioned yesterday, we can do without power but need to be concerend for others and our neighbors. We are very blessed to not have experienced such tragedy.
Joe Pankowski November 02, 2012 at 01:44 PM
@ Mr. Weer: we'll agree to disagree about the tone and content of your letter. Quite frankly, I read it as an attack on our town leadership, with an occasional dig at CL&P. As a native of North Florida, I'm fully aware of the time it takes for clean-up of streets and the restoration of power after a storm such as Sandy. And, to answer your next question: no, my family doesn't have power.
David Gurliacci November 02, 2012 at 05:26 PM
Here's a link to that story: http://darien.patch.com/articles/live-wire-sparks-fire-near-where-darien-kids-play
mann about town November 05, 2012 at 02:51 AM
Take a deep breath! This was a bad storm ,worst ever is what I heard. I think its time to cut down a lot of trees-you know the sacred ones that people dont want to touch and then in a storm down they come and we are without power. Maybe the town could clear all trees on town property at the sides of the roadsAND not replace them with trees but with low growing ground cover. Keep cool and think!! Cause and effect!
Mr. Spazi November 05, 2012 at 09:12 AM
First of all, how many DPW employees do you think we have that are qualified to take down trees, especially trees that are entangled in power lines? How many cherry pickers trucks have you seen parked at the DPW garage? Secondly, do you realize how many cheap knuckleheads we have in this town that are running on generator power without a transfer switch, but are lighting up their homes by back-feeding (u do that with 2 males plugs)?


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