Letter to the Editor: Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Leadership

State Sen. Scott Frantz advocates keeping First Selectman Jeb Walker in office.

To the Editor:

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary leadership. The Town of New Canaan, like nearly all other municipalities throughout the country, has faced and continues to face some of the most challenging and tenuous economic circumstances in many lifetimes.

Although the worst of the economic, capital market and credit crises appears to be over, there are large systemic risks that could have profound implications for New Canaan’s fiscal health in the near and possibly long-term.

I remain consistently impressed with First Selectman Jeb Walker’s approach to managing the Town’s affairs in light of these risks, all with a sense of calm, reason and determination to solve problems, balance a budget and not be afraid to make very tough decisions in a responsible and humane manner.

Mr. Walker has led town government with a level of professionalism that is the envy of our very own state government. Having dealt with him on many issues, I will unequivocally state that he is the type of person who is a pleasure to deal with as the town’s chief executive. His deep knowledge, sense of reason and methodical approach to all issues contribute to solid progress and long lasting solutions to problems. He cares immeasurably about each and every citizen of the Town of New Canaan and considers it his duty to hear everyone out on all issues before making decisions. Combine this with his lifetime philosophy of always doing the right thing for the residents, and the end result is outstanding leadership.

When a proven winner is already in place, changing leadership is a risk for those who genuinely care about the long term health of the town that is simply too great. New Canaan deserves the best, and he currently serves in that office: Jeb Walker, First Selectman.


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