Letter to the Editor: Firefighters Pitch In

Carol Harvey says New Canaan's firefighters helped the food pantry help the neighbors.

To the Editor:

Once again the New Canaan Fire Department has quietly served our community. 

On Saturday they were notified that the food camp at Sherwood Island that had been set up to feed the crews of utilities workers during last week's storm was being dismantled. Chief Karl immediately headed up to get supplies that they were giving away. He returned to New Canaan with a truckload of goods to help out the New Canaan Food Pantry.

There was more frozen food than we had space to handle. As we were sorting this all out, someone called Steve Benko at home, and he, without any hesitation, met us at Waveny and made freezer space available to us until Monday, when we could get access to more space. 

This feeling of cooperation is what makes New Canaan, New Canaan. A huge thank you to Steve Benko, Ed Karl, Larry Pitts and the many members of the NCFD that helped us achieve our mission in helping our neighbors.

— Carol Harvey, New Canaan Food Pantry


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