Letter to the Editor: Stick with Success

Robert Hamill says local incumbents are in stark contrast to D.C. politicians.

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the League of Women Voters for their recent “Meet the Candidates” forum. The event was handled masterfully; it was informative, fair and cordial. I would also like to thank those that attended and those that submitted inquiring questions.

I had great pride listening to First Selectman Jeb Walker and Board of Selectman Member Sally Hines discuss the state of the town. There were virtually no disagreements or contentions.

What struck me was the remarkable contrast between New Canaan and Washington, D.C. Jeb highlighted his remarkable accomplishment of reducing spending in the 2009 budget. The federal government by contrast has boosted spending by over 30 percent in fiscal year 2009 and has burdened the nation with a $1,400,000,000,000 deficit (yes, I had to type the zero’s.)!

Washington is borrowing fully 40 percent of what it spent this year as New Canaan has borrowed nothing for its operating budget. Jeb and the incumbent candidates have worked hard to promote a civil discourse and to work in the best interests of all New Canaan residents.

The administration in Washington has been shrill in addressing the “Mobs” that disagree with their agenda. They are adopting policies that cater to their party (think lack of tort reform in the health care bill) and not to the best interests of all Americans. Jeb and the New Canaan government is highly sensitive to creating an environment that is conductive to small business while Washington is busy nationalizing a multitude of businesses.

The 2008 election of “Change for Change Sake” has been adopted in Washington as a mandate for the unprecedented and rapid expansion of the Federal Government, and it will be intruding upon you soon! The 2009 election in New Canaan needs to be one of sticking with success and of rewarding a job well done.

Let’s keep New Canaan’s rating of AAA even as Washington heads toward BB. Please join me in getting out to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 3, and in voting for Jeb Walker for a second term.

Truly Yours,

Robert B. Hamill, Candidate for Town Council


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