Please Send One More Email to Wilton's Superintendent

There is still a chance to have our voices heard and our opinions taken seriously!


There is still a chance to have our voices heard and our opinions taken seriously!

Please try and find time today to send one more email to: superintendent@wilton.k12.ct.us

Many other area school districts are making bold and creative changes to their schedules. Eliminating, postponing or condensing conferences. It can be done! The Superintendent's "stay the course" letter gave no solid reason why it couldn't.

There is simply no logic to the idea that it is better for our children to be home so we can "talk" about educating them rather than actually educating them. We parents support our schools in countless ways. We raise funds, we volunteer, we run programs, we vote to approve the budget. We love our kids and we want what's best for them. And we want the Superintendent and the Board of Education to listen to us!

No one is suggesting that conferences are not important. We all believe they can be beneficial. They are not, however, more important than continuity, reinforcement, routine and consistency. All things we will lose, irretrievably, if we have half-days starting next week!

Again, please let the BOE and Superintendent know how you feel. And thanks for your support.


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