Mallozzi Has My Vote!

by Paul Foley, Town Council member

I am that lone Republican member of the Town Council who is supporting Rob Mallozzi for First Selectman. My independent, thoughtful approach to the way this town is governed has not endeared me to my fellow Republican Town Council members. My style is to spend your tax dollars the same way I spend my own. I have never looked to see how the vote was going and then picked the politically correct choice. I have always put New Canaan first and kept politics out.

Rob Mallozzi takes a similar path. He is a straight talker, a clear thinker, and has a measured practical approach to town government. I have worked side by side with Rob over the years and have found him inclusive and open. 

Rob has always been pro education. He will continue to work with our superintendent, as well as Board of Education members, to provide them with the resources necessary to enhance our school system. To suggest Rob is otherwise is simply dishonest and a political assault.

Rob has many ideas to preserve the character of our town. He has a plan to promote our restaurants and retail stores. Rob will create a long range plan with local talented taxpayers, not with expensive out of town consulting firms. He will prioritize our current needs and plan for tomorrow’s challenges.

Rob will be prudent with our future bonding needs and will restore our cash balance back to the safe level of 10 percent of our expenses.

My friends, I have known Rob Mallozzi for 20 years. He has always been honest, comfortable in his own skin, and has never marketed himself as someone he is not. I support Rob Mallozzi for First Selectman and ask that you do as well.

heavens sake July 13, 2011 at 10:18 PM
Paul Foley has lived through the mess of the current Walker administration and is not running for reelection and therefore not beholding to anyone.. In his tenure he served with distinction and raised many sound questions regarding controversial issues. His opinion should carry weight with voters . Thank you Paul for your service to the Town
NCFamily July 14, 2011 at 02:08 AM
Hear! Hear! What an upright man and public servant.
John Sheffield July 19, 2011 at 01:24 PM
Great letter Paul. Reinforces the many reasons to vote for Rob Mallozzi. And your being the 1 of 8 reminds us that the 7/8s are supporting the other candidate. Perhaps everyone just skipped over the over recent article about large CT tax increases-----see what happens when all govt bodies have built-in majorities which blindly support the same view! See http://newcanaan.patch.com/articles/gong-retro-connecticut-taxes Under the other candidate (and the Town Council slate attached to him), he would have majorities in BoFinance and Town Council with blank check authorization for his supporters (and campaign manager) on LRPC and other spending initiatives. Isn't enough that our federal and state taxes are increasing at an unchecked rate? Vote for fiscal conservative Rob Mallozzi and the RAW group for Town Council, to at least keep a healthy debate alive in town hall. Thank you Paul for your extensive service to this town.
SCC July 19, 2011 at 02:03 PM
John: The only "slate" that exists for Town Council is the one you are supporting. All of the other candidates are running on their own, as individuals. Only RAW has campaigned explicitly as a ticket. (Which, BTW, is too bad. I would have voted for one of them in particular had he not shown the poor judgment to join himself to the other two.) The irony is palpable. You say you oppose blocks of representatives committed to supporting the same view, yet you are propagandizing here on behalf of a block campaigning to do precisely that. Rather amusing. BTW, why do you accuse others of "blindly" supporting what they support? This is an ugly trait carried by much of what comes out of the WARM camp. The notion that honest and good faith disagreement with you could possibly exist seems anathema. The need to impute ill, or at least unthinking, motives to those who disagree with you is striking.
Jon S. July 19, 2011 at 02:21 PM
I watched the Town Council debate and decided to vote for Roy Abramowitz, Dan Radman and Roger Williams, because they represented points of view not typically seen in the "7/8" incumbents -- whose record is, despite the one or two exceptions SCC is bound to pounce upon, one of voting the same on virtually everything that comes before them. Even when the incumbents vote in a way I agree with, it appears they haven't really considered that there are other viewpoints in town. There's very little that 7/8 of New Canaan voters agree on, and the Town Council should represent that discussion and debate in everything it does.
SCC July 19, 2011 at 02:39 PM
Jon S.: I suspect that in fact there is actually very little that 7/8ths of the people in New Canaan don't agree on. As is typical of local (as opposed to national) politics, there are maybe 1 or 2 contentious issues, while everything else that the local government does is pretty much uncontroversial. Which is why, if you take the time to actually look at the minutes of BoS and TC meetings going back in time, you will find Selectman Mallozzi and even Paul "lone voice" Foley voting with a unanimous majority on most issues that come before them.
John Sheffield July 19, 2011 at 02:40 PM
Scott: I'll do the math for you regarding the "blocks" on the 12 member Town Council: RAW's 3/12 does not equal to greater than 50% however your 7/12 does exceed 50%. Let's just take Mr Giusti's recent attendance at the train station as examples, without exception Tucker and Steve were at his side as they have been at just about every public instance I remember, while Ken was there a couple of times (but not every time). So while you are correct in that they have not created a name for their slate, they have by their collective actions and attendance bound themselves together and to their first selectman candidate----which is completely fine, just don't claim they haven't. I never said I'm against blocks----I said I'm against MAJORITY blocks. BTW, you love to quote people to use them against them---which is a good tactic, that I like as well---however you have to be accurate with it. My statement about "blindly support" was in the sentence, if you look again, which referred to the state govt and its one party control of the bodies, which voted together (with minor individual exceptions) to raise CT taxes. I support honest and good faith disagreement with me and others. In fact, that's what much of what my statement was about! I haven't seen MUCH (didn't say "all"--dont go quote the few instances of such opposing votes) disagreement among those of the TC 7/8s and the BoF who support Paul.
Roy A. Abramowitz July 19, 2011 at 02:50 PM
SCC: I have committed to not responding or posting on Patch. However your 11th hour inaccurate accusation must be addressed. RAW is not a "block of representatives" as you claim. We are three very productive individuals, who have given continually to our community. We are individuals with individual opinions. We are all on the Republican Town Committee together and havevoted DIFFERENTLY on many issues before the Committee and at times voted in agreement. We respect each other and know that we will work tiredlessly and well together to best serve our constituents by listening to them, not shutting them of the decision making process, instituting best financial practices, internal controls and conservative fiscal management to end the wasting of the town's resources and tax dollars. Those are our common goals. Since the incumbents, some who are looking at a third term vote as a block RAW feels that we need more than one fresh representative to break the incumbent block and due what is best for New Canaan. And Scott I think it would be fair that you disclose that you an active supporter and mouth piece for the 7\8ths, which is your constitutional and free speech right. But please lets be fair. Thank you
Jon S. July 19, 2011 at 03:01 PM
But it's exactly at the contentious issues where the "7/8" group fails our town. You diminish the significance of contentious issues by merely numbering them ("maybe 1 or 2") -- but each one of them has the potential to affect our community, perhaps forever. Fact is, people DO often feel shut out of the current process; it's not that a vote didn't go their way, it's that their viewpoints or suggestions seem not to have been considered at all -- as when the TC holds all public comments until AFTER a vote has been taken, for example.
SCC July 19, 2011 at 03:26 PM
John: The only way that your reference to the state legislature has any relevance and makes any sense in the context of our election is if you also believe that our Town Council also has a majority which "blindly supports" a certain point of view. That was the clear implication of your post. However, let's clarify, just to be sure. Do you believe that members of the Town Council with whom you disagree are offering their support "blindly", or are they offering their support after consideration and thought? As for your opposition to majority blocks qua majority blocks, forgive me if I am doubtful. Call me crazy, but somehow if the RAW/Mallozzi platform had existing majority support on TC, I find the prospect that you would be campaigning against them to be highly unlikely, to the point of absurdity.
Jon S. July 19, 2011 at 03:32 PM
Incredible that you can connect the dots and find implications here, but still insist the recent referendum wasn't about sidewalks because they weren't explicitly mentioned in the legal wording.
SCC July 19, 2011 at 03:55 PM
Roy: You say: "I have committed to not responding or posting on Patch." So much for that committment. Anyway, all of what you say about you and your RAW mates may indeed be true. And yet it remains an uncontestable fact that you are campaigning and running as a joint slate, implying that you will vote as a block on certain controversial issues. And finally, while I am certainly supporting certain TC candidates for re-election, I am a "mouthpiece" for no one but myself. Who in their right mind would want me speaking for them?!?
Roy A. Abramowitz July 19, 2011 at 04:08 PM
Wrong again. We voted differently on the make up of thr RTC election CMttee a very controversial issue. We are all our own person. What we all agree on and will work together to achieve is that New Canaan needs a new beginning in the Legislative Branch of Town Government and that no individual should serve more than 2 4 year terms on TC. There are incumbents on TC going on their third to fifth term. We are beholden to no one, will represent the desires of our constituents and vote on our individual beliefs after assessing complete and accurate information. We will assure the community that the proper studies will be done before any votes are taken and if we need to disagree with the Executive Branch we will! Unlike the 7/8ths
James July 19, 2011 at 04:10 PM
Scott, tonight the Republican voters will decide who they want representing them. They have two clear choices, continue to tax and spend at rates we can't afford or install fiscal conservatives to control spending. You can call Mallozzi and the RAW guys a block if you want, but if that means they return some sanity to Town Hall then that's the kind of block New Canaan needs. And with over 1300 people voting so far, plus tonight's turnout, there is a loud message being sent. Very doubtful it will be a vote for more of the status quo.


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