'Teachers are a Visible, Easy Target'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.

FAIRFIELD: "My night owl ways; if you knew me you'd know how much this will wrestle with my flesh. I also increase giving and make more dedicated times of prayer." Mary L Nelson wrote this on Fairfield Patch's Facebook page in response to a question asking what Lent observers plan to give up this year.

RIDGEFIELD: "Pleasantly surprising to see the BOF showing more common sense than the Selectmen on this issue. Too bad BOF does not have the final say..." Robert Lavelle wrote this in response to news that the Board of Finance discussed and ultimately refused the March 13 standalone referendum for a $5 million contribution to the library renovation earlier approved by the Board of Selectmen.

STAMFORD: "Tenure for teachers is definitely a negative and should be eliminated. Why should teachers be able to hide behind a union driven wedge? Unions are (have) destroying the education system just like they are destroying jobs in America. It is greed that Americans have accepted over the years and is now negatively affecting jobs for middle America." Lou wrote this in response to an investigation by the Connecticut Post, which found that tenured teachers are rarely fired.

WESTPORT: "Teachers are a visible, easy target. Easy, because the thinking is poor teaching is the root of the nation's/state's ills in student performance. Wrong. Widespread poverty is the cause. With over 20% of students in poverty, Connecticut and the nation need to fix the real problem, not take the easy way out." Brian also wrote a response to the article about tenured teachers.


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