'The Townspeople and Taxpayers Should Be Angry'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


"My son skateboards downtown all the time, but does so to enjoy himself and to get some exercise. He is in no way engaging in 'destruction of private property.' Mr (or Mrs.) property appraiser needs to lighten up. And really, I haven't seen any posted 'rules and regulations' in downtown pertaining to skate boards. Where might they be?" -

"The townspeople and taxpayers should be angry: the Mayor and LC are corrupt! The town is near bankruptcy due to political agendas, payola and mismanagement; the Mayor and LC won't disclose information to the public that shows that they are corrupt and mismanaging- and Tony- you are placing balme on the posters on this site??? It appears the only thing we hear from the administration is lies and higher taxes." -

"When a bridge appears to be unsafe replace it, until then fair condition is fine with me. Spend our money on what we NEED! DAM!" -


"I think a harsher sentence should be imposed. Enough with the ease that 'white collar' creminals get off. Where were the 'auditors" during this 5 year period? Did other town officals know or were they wearing 'blinders' to her life style?" -

"The law inforcement in this town is to busy playing with there new toys that stop uninsured motorists and people not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign,then placing more effort into the more serious crimes that are starting to plague our community.." -

"I agree that the NPD needs to do more to help our town. It's not from lack of funds. Let's stop porking around and get to work." -  

"Was he on bath salts? Very disturbed act!" -

"Looks like Vavrek always has to blame someone. The buck stops anywhere but Vavreks office." -

"I just wonder why Animal Control did not at least put out a statement and some helpful tips so those in Town can be more aware. Do they reallly think this will never happen in Fairfield??? Children and pets are most at risk. People need information on what to do if they shouold ever encounter a Mountain Lion. Come Animal Control get with it." -


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