'This Episode Raises Serious Questions About His Judgment...'

The best of today's comments from Patch users in your town and neighboring communities.

FAIRFIELD: "With three children benefiting from the music program Fairfield Public Schools offer, I know who my wife and I WON'T be voting for Nov. 8." This is what one Fairfield Patch reader wrote in response to a Letter to the Editor in support of . 

NEW CANAAN: "We need to turn to a new generation of New Canaanites to move our town forward in a more responsive, enlightened way." This is what one New Canaan Patch reader wrote in response to a Letter to the Editor written  

NORWALK: "This episode raises serious questions about his judgement or operating style or both." This Norwalk Patch reader was responding to the news that Democratic mayoral candidate  that stated Garfunkel wanted to "require" new businesses to participate in the city's summer youth employment programs.

TRUMBULL: "After attending the debate, I was proud to call myself a lifelong Trumbull resident as to me, the debate conveyed valuable information about issues in our town utilizing two distinct styles." This was one Trumbull Patch reader's response to Thursday night's 


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