'We All Have Something to Be Proud of'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


Fairfield American's World Series Run Ends

“These 11 outstanding young men and 3 extraordinary coaches represented our town in a most magnificent way. We all have something to be proud of and should celebrate this remarkable achievement. I am glad to say that I know each and everyone one of them.” – 

Tammany Trail Coyote Nearly Defeats Hercules

“Someone (the town of Danbury, Deep) needs to do something about this before some neighbor shoots at the coyote and possibly misses thus endangering other people around the neighborhood. Please someone help!!” –

How Darien & CT Stack up on Generosity: Low

“Maybe it's because the govt collects and squanders most of of Darien's earned income? One of the highest tax bases in the country.” –

Some CT Companies, CEOs, Finding Lucrative Tax Loopholes

“These ‘loopholes’ are put in by politicians in order to wield power. Stop electing politicians who use the tax code as a tool in order to grant carve-outs for political allies.” -

Hamden July Unemployment Highest of the Year

“Of all the people in the country, it is depressing to think that Obama and Romney are the best the two parties could come up with.” -

Town Considers Plan for a Splash Park

“Although this is a lovely idea, Monroe does not have the money to spend on lovely ideas.” –

Scotland School Field Torn Up by Vandals

“Was the incident captured on video. I hope so. There should be no place on school property that is not under video surveillance 24/7.”-

Bank Planned For Huntington Hardware Site

“I wanted to open a BBQ joint there. But I have no guts to quit my job.” -


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