'We Can't Expect Schools To Take Over Parental Responsibilities'

The day's best comments from Patch account-holders in our Fairfield County towns.


FAIRFIELD: "Although I had been nervous about the procedure he made me feel at ease, and made me feel secure and safe." wrote this in her review of .

GREENWICH: "We can't expect schools to take over parental responsibilities." wrote this in her response to an opinion piece about

RIDGEFIELD: "Many of my friends took their new 'time off' to get a job, others used it as an opportunity to volunteer, spend more time on hobbies, practice their interest in sports, or even study more, get their homework done earlier, not all became drug users and pot heads." wrote this in response to news that

WILTON: "Perhaps the parents of Wilton need to be reminded that, 'There before the grace of God, go I.'" wrote this in response to an


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