'We Have to Choose: Tough Love or Hand Outs'

Patch readers comment on the top headlines, including crime news, unemployment figures and the price of gas.


“If Mayor Harkins thinks this whole issue is going away because "he opened the doors", he's very mistaken. The ghost of Shakespeare is going to haunt him until election time, when he'll have to get out of his office and answer to the electorate.” –

Bethwood:  Bethany, Woodbridge Unemployment Spikes

“We have to choose: Tough love or hand outs, or else people will continue to leave Connecticut for more friendly states.” -

Newtown: Many State Workers Fired for D-SNAP Fraud Will Be Reinstated

“Why is unfair in the private world, unacceptable, but the public sector worthy of rationalization? Answer: blind party loyalty. I don’t want to elect people who basically give away my money.” – Luca Duff Cruz

New Canaan: Gas Prices Continue Dropping in June

“I should point out that this trend is not likely to go on. Prices go up not down. They lower it a few cents and raise it a few dollars. Stinks. But, that is the way it goes.” –

Westport: UPDATE: Man Pulled From Water During Sherwood Island Triathlon Event

“I was there today. It was so emotional and tragic, I can't put it into words. My heart and soul goes to him and his family. We've been praying and thinking about them all day, and will continue. I'm sorry.” –

Naugatuck: Man Who Exposed Himself to Child at Mall Has a History in Naugatuck

“I wonder how many times he's exposed himself to children because he wasn't apprehended in 2009?”-


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