'Welcome to Calcutta'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


"Why are the democrats so eager to 'criminalize' differences in policy? They won the gay marriage battle using free speech to claim personal freedoms yet lobby to deny the same freedoms to those that oppose their views. Shame on the Boston mayor for catering to a fringe group while assailing basic freedoms of others. We would have fewer problems if we had a smaller, less intrusive government." -

"Welcome to Calcutta (and I am sorry to all of those of Indian extract who are horrified of their cities and country being compared with our third world and third world utility provider). Is anyone else fed up with CL&P, or at least embarrassed to pay the utility rates we do for service which rivals places like Mumbai for its lack of effectiveness? Or is everyone just numb to the experience?" -  


"The candidates come here for the money, not the vote. Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford will always keep CT Blue, moreso as the producers leave this state because it is less and less friendly to business and to people who earn their own money. No one will be left but the losers." -  

"Jeff, you sound like a real 'hater' to me.." -  

"Michelle, you sound like an authority on reading people's personality. Where did you discover your genius?" -  


"Had a Republican President done this, the press would have been all over him. Obama gets a public park closed for a private fundraiser. Utterly disgraceful." -


"What this country spends on war and keeping monsanto in the FDA with their GMO's is not only poisoning America, but it is poisoning how were viewed by the entire world. Im concerned for what will be left for the children. As an example, if we want to cure cancer, let's begin with eliminating what causes cancer. But cancer is big business for the health care industry... so let's just keep that wheel turning. I don't think it matters who is elected. They are two sides of the same coin." -  

"Wow, I'm just all tingly...not." -


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