50 Kids, 160+ Beers, 0 Parents, 0 Injured — This Time

In this article we mention various things that didn't happen but well might have happened Friday night as a result of a party with teenagers, booze and no adults.

About 50 teenagers rushed out of a Church Street home Friday after police were called on an 11:53 p.m. report of a loud party, New Canaan police said.

The police report doesn't mention any one being injured as the crowd rushed out of the house, many directly from the basement.

Here's what else the police report (an accusation not proven in court) says happened -- and what it doesn't say that might well have happened in this situation:

  • No car accidents were reported, either from someone driving intoxicated or someone speeding away.
  • No one was injured in the home as a result of drinking too much alcohol, although there were several bottles of rum and vodka left behind.

Only two people were charged by police -- both residents of the home whose father was in Vermont at the time: Katherine Ray, 18, who was charged with permitting minors to possess alcohol and for possession of alcohol by a person under age 21 in a private place; and her sister, 17, also charged with possession of alcohol by a person under age 21 in a private place.

Katherine Ray told police she had invited some friends to her house using Snapchat, a website that erases messages shortly after they're sent (so that, for instance, parents can't monitor or later find out what messages are passing between their children and other people).

Ray said many more teenagers crashed the party than she had invited -- something police in New Canaan and elsewhere have been told many times before by teenage hosts of many previous parties.

To repeat: this time, no one was seriously hurt, as far as police know.

But there's always a next time.
Brent March 18, 2014 at 08:18 AM
Enough with the constant articles about teenagers getting in trouble over a few beers. This is what we all did as teenagers, this is nothing new and hardly news worthy.
Hector Medina March 18, 2014 at 11:37 AM
Sorry, Brent I disagree. This "news" shows that at 17-18, youngsters CAN drink responsibly, since no one was hurt. The US is one of the few countries in the world where you can enlist in the armed forces and get K.I.A. before you can drink. Prohibitions, whether to the population in general, or the youngsters will ALWAYS lead to the same results: Abuse. I think a good, frank and open conversation about allowing youngsters to make life choices, but still hold parents solidarily responsible and liable is in high order by now. Enough of parents eschewing their responsibility behind a law that is completely unfair and socially incoherent. JMHO HM
Canonymous March 18, 2014 at 10:59 PM
"This time" Is this the police state-encouraging fear mongering way of saying nothing bad happened?


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